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Order Process

At Resinous Art Studio, I am proud to offer my signature service of preserving fresh flower bouquets into beautifully articulated art pieces. The unique process allows me to take the beautiful flowers from your special occasions such as weddings, birthdays or proposals, and turn them into one-of-a-kind resin art pieces that you’ll cherish for years to come. I am dedicated to creating memory keepsakes that perfectly encapsulate the emotion and significance of your cherished moments.

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Flowers from any occassions

We had preserved many different types of flowers & foliage over the years and the experience we have will ensure that all your flowers will be well taken care of and properly preserved and pressed*. 

Note: flowers may dry differently (eg. a red rose will dry dark wine red, white calla lily may dry yellowish or greenish or brownish, white delphinium will dry to a tint of blue, etc)

* Flowers will be pressed for coasters and trays.


Check our availability

Submit the Booking Enquiry to check and make a booking for the day of your occasion and make a depositˆ to secure your booking.  For flowers you receive by surprise, do contact us as soon as possible to get your flowers preserved.  Booking is confirmed only upon receipt of deposit.

ˆ A non-refundable deposit of $200 is required to secure your booking date and before sending us your fresh flowers.  

100% payment for artwork required if there's wordings/inclusions before production.  Deposit will be used to off-set the final invoice.

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Sending us your fresh flowers

Dropoff your fresh flowers or have us arrange a pickup using LalaMove (fees is chargeable back to you).  Prior appointments to be made.


If you wish to have both your bouquet and venue arrangements* pickup by the artist herself (a 2-way transport fees is chargeable to you)

* Only selective flowers & foliage will be picked and brought back to our studio for preservation.  If you want to add venue arrangement flowers for preservation, only selected  flowers & foliage will be preserved.

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1 - 2 days

Fresh flowers received will be groomed and trimmed before preservation.  Stems will be cut and removed.  We may be able to rehydrate some wilting flowers.  Browning on petals cannot be reversed but can be trimmed off upon request.  Should wilted flowers be unsuitable for preservation, they can be replaced with additional fees and subjected to availability.

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2 - 4 weeks

Fresh flowers will be preserved or pressed. 


For coasters and trays, flowers will be pressed and/or trimmed to fit into the product's shape. 

*Do note that different flowers may dry differently (eg. a red rose will dry dark wine red, white calla lily may dry yellowish or greenish or brownish, white delphinium will dry to a tint of blue, some pink flowers may dry purplish, etc)


1 week

Once the flowers are dried, you will be given 3 layouts for selection with up to 3 revisions base on the selected artwork size.  Any additional inclusions like wordings or embellishments can be added upon confirmation of layout (subjected to available space within the artwork)

***100% payment for artwork required if there's wordings/inclusions before production, any other items will be billed upon completion before delivery***

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1 - 6 weeks

Production will commence after layout confirmation.


Preserved flowers will be cast in a mould of your selected shape and size with resin in layers until the flowers are fully encapsulated.


Change of layout selection cannot be made once the first layer has been poured.  We recommend a larger artwork size if your bouquet consists of large flowers like peonies, lillies, roses, phalaenopsis, etc.


2 - 4 weeks

Few layers of top and bottom coat will be applied each.


A final step of sanding & polishing* will be done the sides to ensure a shiny and even finishing on the final artwork.  Your artwork will be ready after this process and you will be notified to make payment for the balance of your order and they will be delivered to you the next working day.

* swirl marks will be present on the sides (not visible from a distance)

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