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  1. All prices listed on this website are in Singapore Dollars (SGD/S$).

  2. Sales of artworks are final cannot be refunded, returned or exchanged.  All description and details are listed for each piece.

  3. Sample sales and clearance artworks are as it is.  There is no refunds, returns and/or exchanges allowed for sale of these goods.  Sales are final.



  1.  All shipping and delivery provided are for local addresses only.

  2. Shipping to Sentosa, Tuas, Jurong Island, NTU, NUS, SIM or any other location not within our courier providers' delivery destination will incur additional charge and it will be billed to you even if free shipping is included in your order.

  3. We do not accept returns, refunds or exchanges for  all commissioned artwork unless damage in transit. ​

  4. We take care in adequately packaging our orders.  If for some reason, your order arrives in damaged condition by the carrier, please take pictures of the outside of the package, and the inside as well if the product is damaged.  We cannot take responsibility for carrier damage, however, do contact us immediately with details and pictures so that we can give take care of the situation immediately.  Please do not dispose of the product until directed to do so by Resinous Art and situation has been resolved.



  1. All our resin artworks uses 2-part epoxy resin with hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS) which protects the cured resin from the effects of oxidation (also known as yellowing in resins).  The yellowing process cannot be prevented but can be delayed with proper care.         

  2. Resin will yellow over time, some faster, some slower.  Please keep them out of direct sunlight, heat or UV lightings. 

  3. Resins take between 7 to 14 days for a full cure to reach its potential properties, we cannot guarantee 100% on the clarity or zero bubbles of the completed artworks. 

  4. Due to the nature of the epoxy resin and its long curing time, tiny air bubbles may occur during cure and we try our best to minimise them on your artworks. Each artwork is made by hand so tiny bubbles, bumps, little gaps, yellowing issues,  slight imperfections are part of the unique characteristics of the resin artworks.

  5. While we try our best to achieve perfection on the visual sides (usually refers to the top and bottom) of your artworks, the sides of your artwork might be slightly bumpy or uneven due to hand-finishings.  Surfaces that are sand and polished will have faint swirl marks which cannot be seen from a distance.  These irregularities cannot be avoided and should not be considered as a flaw.

  6. Please follow the care tips for your resin artworks which are attached together during shipping.



  1. For fresh flowers preservation, we use various ways to preserve the flowers.  All flowers have different characteristics and they may differ in colour and size after preservation.

  2. Some flowers may dry to a darker shade or have a change in colour tone.  All these are natural and the changes are beyond our control.  This is especially for white flowers, they are very sensitive and they may turn yellow very fast or even become brown when they are fully dried.  Most flowers will take between 1 to 3 weeks to be fully dried or up to 10 weeks for succulents. For example: red roses = dark wine red, white delpiniums = blue tint, white eustomas = brownish/yellowish, pink hydranges = may dry to a light purple tint, orchids = brown/yellowish/freckled.

  3. For fresh flowers that are artificially coloured or spray painted, please note that colour may run when they are cast in resin.

  4. For leftover preserved flowers returned in box with desiccants, please follow the instructions given to maintain them.  Preserved flowers may have leftover residues of silica gel crystals on them and can be removed by light brushing with a soft brush.  Store the box away from sunlight, heat and exposure to air.  Poor storage can lead to discolouration of flowers and they will eventually lose its colours and shape.

  5. Preserved flowers are cast in a mould layer by layer (one layer a day), flowers, petals, foliage can/may look translucent, lighter or darker in colour or have bruising marks in the completed artwork. 

  6. The layering process will create layer lines on all the sides of your resin artworks (does not apply to wall art).

  7. For resin artwork for flatwares like trays and coasters, flowers will be pressed.  Large and thick flowers cannot be pressed and hence only their petals will be press.  Pressed flowers will be trimmed in order to fit into the artwork size.



  1. Upon confirmation of booking for available dates, a deposit of $200 is required.  All orders are confirmed only upon receipt of a deposit payment. 

  2. Deposits placed is non-returnable, non-refundable and non-transferable and cannot be replaced with other products, artworks or services.

  3. For fresh flowers preservation, deposit must be made before sending them to us.  We reserve the rights to reject any bouquet dropoffs if prior arrangements or confirmation has not been made.

  4. Deposited amount will be deducted in the final order's invoice upon completion.  Any additional charges will be added in the final invoice before delivery.

  5. Upon completion of artworks, an invoice will be sent to the customers for the final payment.  Delivery of completed artworks will be delivered by the next business day upon receipt of the balance payment.

  6. For artworks that includes name(s), date(s), or specific quotes and/or wordings and inclusions, a full payment of the artwork must be made before the production of the artworks.

  7. If the final payment is not received within 1 month upon notification of final bill, we reserved the rights to forfeit the paid deposit and the artworks will be put up for sale without further notice. 

Any other additional store policies not listed here may be included in your quotation or service agreement.

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