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Past Shelf-Life Clearance - This does not affect the quality of the resin except that Part B (hardener) has become more yellowish.  If you wish to use it as a clear base, we recommend you to add a tiny bit of blue tint when mixing)


ArtWorks Resin® is two-part high-quality epoxy resin system with a user-friendly 1:1 ratio. It has strong UV protections including HALS*.


• Mixing Ration 1:1 (by volume)

• FDA Compliant

• No VOCs

• No bad odours

• UV resistant with HALS

• Medium viscosity (thick like syrup)

• Pot life: 30 - 40 mins at 150g

• Cures to the touch in about 8 - 12 hours

• Full cure within 72 hours

• Heat resistant up to 130°C / 266°F (after 3 weeks full cure)

• Cures very rigid and rock hard

• Cures crystal clear like glass

• High gloss finish

• Shelf life: 6 months after opening

• Specially formulated for artworks, coatings, tumblers, countertops, tables and doming.


**HALS = Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers, are chemical compounds that are used as UV stabilizers in plastics and polymers. They're used to protect from the effects of photo-oxidation and thermal stabilizers


Contents: 64 oz (approx. 1892ml)

ArtWorks Resin® 64 oz Kit

S$149.00 Regular Price
S$99.00Sale Price
  • ArtWorks Resin® should be measured in ratio 1:1 by volume.

    • Please refer to ArtWorks Resin® application here.
    • Please read our Resin Safety Tips here before using the resins.


    Please note that bottles are filled by weight not volume and will not be filled right to the top.