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The preservation process

Our step-by-step process

Step 1: Grooming and Deconstructing
(0 - 3 days)

For fresh Bouquet, once we receive your bouquet, we will groom the flowers and carefully deconstruct them based on their conditions and type.  It is possible to replace any wilted or browned flowers (subjected to availability at our florist).


For replication of flowers from photographs we will use the preserved flowers from our library or source them from the florist or use similar types/colours to closely replicate the required blooms.  All additional sourcing and use of flowers from our library are chargeable.


Step 3: Layouts

(1 - 3 days)

After the preservation process is completed, we will provide a minimum of 3 layout options for your selection.

Step 2: Preserving

(1 - 2 weeks)

Our studio uses a few method of drying base on the type of flowers.  Most times, we prefer to use a drying agent to preserve the flowers so that they retain its original form and shape.  The drying process usually takes between 3 days to 2 weeks to be fully dried, or for succulents – 1 month!  We will also advise you what is expected of certain flowers (eg. Reds will turn very dark red, oranges may turn brown, pink may turn purplish, etc.)

* Tulips does not retain it flowers even after preservation


Step 4: Casting
(2 - 4 weeks)

The preserved flowers will be casted with epoxy resin, layer by layer and this process can take 2 to 4 weeks to complete depending on the size and thickness of your selection.  This includes any inclusions required to be added in between layers.

Step 5: Finishing
(7 - 14 days)

Once the resin has cured, sanding, polishing and a final layer of resin may be applied.  This can take up to one week to complete as well.

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