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  • How do I go about commissioning an artwork?
    To commission a preserved flowers resin artwork, you may refer to the process here. To commission an abstract resin art, please contact us by email or whatsapp to +65 9020 9872.
  • How far in advance should I make a booking?
    As early as possible especially wedding peak season (Jan, Mar, Jun, Sep, Nov, Dec). There is only 4 slots available per week.
  • Can I use already dried flowers?
    Yes. Provided they are free from mold.
  • What happens to my leftover preserved flowers?
    They can be returned to you in an airtight container with desiccants with an additional fee. Preserved flowers must always be kept in airtight box sealed away from humidity and moisture.
  • Do all flowers dry the same?
    No. Flowers may all look the same but if it comes from a different continent or grower, the outcome may still differ. For example a white calla lily may dry to be yellowish, greenish or brownish.
  • Can you create the artwork with my bouquet intact?
    Yes and no. Typically, your flowers are deconstructed for preservation and placed in a new layout using the artwork size of your choice. We can do the flower placement as close to look like the bouquet's but its subjected to the amount of space we can work on base on your artwork size. However, it can still be done. It will take a longer time to create, the size and volume of the artwork will be massive and so will the price. A new casting mold has to be customized and the volume of resin will increase and so will be the cost to make one. It will not be possible if you are doing flatwares like trays and coasters as flowers will only be pressed.
  • Will my flowers look different after they are preserved?
    They will stay in shape but are likely to shrink due to the loss of water after preservation. The colour of all flowers will change to a different hue especially red flowers, they will dry to a dark wine red or brown tone. White flowers also dry to a more yellowish/champagne tone. All these are the natural characteristics and its beyond our control.
  • I do not have my bouquet anymore. Can you recreate it in resin?
    Yes. We have a large variety of flowers in our flower library. For those that we do not have, we will procure the flowers or use something similar to replace them. This is subjected to availability as different flowers are only available by season. Procuring these flowers will be chargeable.
  • Can you preserve my bouquet and return them so that I can create something myself?
    Yes. Preservation and storage boxes fees applies.
  • Can I only commission trays and coasters?
    Yes. Only with the order of any artwork resin blocks. For flatwares, only selected flowers will be selected and they will only be pressed. To be honest, pressing flower is not my forte and though they are small, they are quite time consuming to make. I'll be most happy to offer this option to clients who order any resin artwork block. Large and thick flowers cannot be pressed whole and hence only its petals will be pressed. Oversize pressed flowers will be trimmed in order to fit into the moulds.
  • What artwork size should I order?
    It depends on your budget. Generally I think 24cm and above works best in order to fit more flowers into it and have more space area for me to work my magic. Smaller artwork will still work great except that larger flowers may have to be omitted in the artwork.
  • Are the silica gel reuseable?
    Yes. They can be recharged once they turn greenish.
  • How much silica gel crystals do I need?
    The amount required depends on the size of the box you are using to preserve your flowers and the amount of flowers you are preserving.
  • How long does it take my flowers to dry?
    Generally, it takes at least 3 - 14 days. It depends on the type of flowers. On average, 7 days will work best for most flowers.
  • After drying the flowers, can I use them as display on my table?
    No. Singapore is very humid. For flowers dried using this method, they will continue to absorb moisture from the environment and they will eventually loose its colour and soften. It is recommended to store them in an airtight container with some silica gel crystals to keep them dry even in the box.
  • Do I have to fully cover the flowers during preservation?
    Yes. The parts of the flowers that are not fully buried in the silica gel crystals will dry super fast and will curl and shrink faster than the parts buried.
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