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Commissioning of Artworks

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Preserved Flowers
Resin Artworks

Fresh flowers bouquets from your wedding, anniversary, birthday, baby shower, proposal and all other occasions into unique, one-of-a-kind heirloom worthy art pieces for your keepsake.  

These art pieces of your preserved blooms will be showcased suspended in between layers upon layers of  resin in the curated style of your choice. 

You can use this signature bespoke service to preserve your blooms and encase them into beautifully articulated memory keepsakes. 

Just let us work the magic for you.

Resin Combing Abstract_18” x 24” Stretch

Abstract Resin Artwork

From where it all started, resin pouring is a very therapeutic process.  


Abstract artworks are created on wooden panels, canvases and even as display items and homewares.  There is no boundaries to this creativity.  


Speak to us to discuss any ideas you have for an artwork that is unique and special in its own way.


Alcohol Ink Abstract Art

Using the technique of fluid painting with the use of dye-base inks and alcohol.  These artworks are created using synthetic papers mounted on wooden boards or framed.

Like abstract resin artworks, this media can be used to create homewares as well.

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